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Book Review: Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development 2nd Edition

Since Amazon (suspiciously) won’t let me review this book that I purchased, I will review it here. I would have been kinder on amazon, but blocking reviews is a dirty tactic for a publisher. This book has a great deal of useful information in it, *BUT*. I have 40 years programming experience from VAX assembly…


This blog post links to some primary resources for learning the rust programming language. If you know of anything that should be in this list, please comment on this blog post. The Rust Programming Language – The Rust Programming Language ( The primary rust book to which everyone in the community refers B – Operators…

Rust: What the &()::||_’*+! is this?

While many of the symbols used in rust source code are like those used in other languages, some languages do not use those symbols or use them differently. This blog post provides short explanations for rust programming symbols that may not be used or may be used differently in other languages. Again, I am just…

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